The Caldera Batur Geopark

Caldera Batur Geopark Site

Bali is an island that located in Indonesia, between Java and Lombok island. very small island only have 5.780 k square divided in 8 regency and one Municipality, the Regencies are Badung, Tabanan, Jembrana, Buleleng, Karangasem, Klungkung, Bangli and Gianyar regencies. in this case i would like to share about Caldera Batur Global Geopark site. Caldera batur global Geopark site is located in Kintamani and Regency of Bangli. it is about 65 Km from Zero km Denpasar City. drive about 2 hours because the road is  quite narrow and difucul to driver.

What is the most Papular here

Batur caldera geopark site is very popular  place in Bali, there are a lot of tourists visiting this place. more then 500 hundred people everyday, some of them are only sight seeing and some other are trekking and  the the best trekking site in Bali to Mt Batur . a 1717m above sea level satrt point is at Pura jati and Toya Bungah.

Volcano is one of the three volcano that we have in Bali, this is the most famous one in Bali, because it is Batur very strategic and the unique one in Bali, the place is very easy to find, the way to get there is quite beg and good road, it is located at Kintamani sub district and Regency of Bangli, Around two and half to get there. So that a lot of tourists really want to visit this place, they are not only to visit even thought they are really want to climp up to the top of the volcano. Surrounding by the Lava around the area,because the volcano erupted from last thousand years ago, it more and less 9 time

Batur volcano is only 1717 on the sea level, two hours walk to get to the top of the volcano the the best sunrise is, having a glass of tea and breakfast like the volcano style with steaming eggs form Batur volcano hotel steam


The Beauty Of Songan Village 

Desa Songa ( Songan Village ) The word Songan come from the Song and Suffix an, its mean Goa Or Cave, Because songan village is located in the Caldera Batur, Approximately 67 Km from Zero km  Denpasar City, now is easy to get there because we can get there with motor Bike or by driving car. about 2,5 hours drive from Kuta, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. this village is one of the original Balinese living here call Bali Mula. the real or the original Bali people.

what the people do here

the local people do in this village are mostly farmers. they are planting mostly vegetable  such as Been, Corn, Union, Garlic, Tomato, and others. the songan village i becoming very popular after we have the Public temple that arround the Village, located on the head of the call Batur Lake, the biggest lake in Bali call Pura Hulung Danu  or Hulundanu Temple. there are some thing can do around this area Such as Morning Hike to caldera batur to see Multiple view from the top of the hill, we can see Batur Volcano, Lake batur, Mt. abang. Agung Volcano, Mt. Rinjani, Ocean explore the lake with local  Boat and Also Camping at the Lake side.

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