The Sekumpul Waterfall


The sekumpul waterfall  also call the Gerobong waterfall, it is 90 m highfro the river, sekumpul mean that the group of, because 7 waterfall that we can see in this waterfall. It is located at Sekumpul village and lemukih village , this waterfall is come from two deference source , one come from the mountain and the others on is from the river.

From the seven waterfalls that we have there, we can visit the from two differences places, one is from sekumpul village, we only need 30 minutes walk from the parking area. And from Lemukih village is little bit logger.

This waterfall is located at Sekumpul village, Sawan sub-district and Regency of Buleleng, approximately 76 Km from Denpasar City 2,5 hours driver , we can take to two differences places one is from thru Bedugul, and the other one is thru Kintamani.

From Singaraja town we only have 20 km, need 40 minutes to get there. After we walk fro parking area about 20 minutes we will go down to to river with 300 staps and will get back to to parking area with the same road.


Nungnung Waterfall



Nungnugn waterfall

Nungnung Waterfall is Located at pelaga Village sub district of Petang it and Regency of Badung. approximately 2 hours from Kuta, or denpasar International airport. it is easy way to get there good accesable with wide road.

Kuning Waterfall At Kunung Village – Bangli Regency


If you feel boredto visit Mountian, Lake or beach try to got to the waterfall, Kuning waterfall is the alternative one that we offer to visit it is Located at dusun Kuning, bangli Sub distrct and Regency of Bangli . the waterfall is one of the Exotic thing that created by the Nature can enjoying by the Human, it is the fantastic waterfall, with 25 meters on the river of melangit with plow down to the southern part of Bali. why the waterfall is call Kuning because it is Located at Dusun Kuning, not because water of the fall is yellow. besides that the waterfall is still really fresh because not really touristy one like we have at the tegunungan one. there are also many monkey that we can see surround thi waterfall, hanging on the tree and fainting with others



The gitgit Waterfall is one of the tens waterfall than we have at the north of bali, it  call gitgit waterfall. located at Gitgit village of Sukasada sub-district and Regency of Singaraja, it is only lf an hour from Singaraja City and 2 Hours from Denpasar. this is the highest waterfall at the north of Bali. to get to the waterfall you will see the beautiful if the rise terraces surrounded this area, just 20 minutes walk from parking area. the parking area you will rich at the beautiful waterfall.


Tegunungan Waterfall

The Tegunungan Watefall is located at Kemenuh village, sub-district of Sukawati and Regency of Gianyar, this waterfall is the nearest one from Ubud Center where the most tourist visit in Bali it is only half an hour from ubud Market and one hour from Denpasar City. it is the the only one that we have around ubud, if you are stay around ubud it is the chosen one. this is also call Kemenuh waterfall because it is located at Kemenuh Village . is is just near from the mind road of Kemenuh , to get to this waterfall that you have to walk down with hundreds steps just take 10 minutes from Parking area. there is no public transport at, so you have to hire car from one of tour organizer in Bali.








Aling -Aling Waterfall 

there are some tourism object that we have and we can visit as long s you stay in Bali. we do need to explain why Bali becoming very Popular in all over the world it is call no sleeping town. but still many of them do not know which part of country is it?  a lot of time bali Or Indonesian Government promoted in  all over the world. Anyway let me tell you about the famous Bali Waterfall. in this case i will talk about new tourism place in northern part of Bali, Namely Aling Aling waterfall. it is Located at Sambangan Village sub district of Sukasada nad regency of Singaraja. this waterfall is Famous from last three years, the Local or International tourist will missed this place after visited this, it is hidden waterfall, make sure you come with your guide approximately 3 and half hours from Denpasar airport