Kintamani is the most Favorite tourist Destination in Bali. it is located at Kintamani Subdistrict  and Regency of Bangli. it is surrounded by captivating nature, and there are six ancient villages that we can find out such as  Songan, Terunyan Kedisan, Batur, Sukawana, Batur

Mount Batur is Located in this place it self. it has been about 24 erupted since 1800 and the most active volcano in Bali till now.

What We Can do Surround the mount batur or batur Caldera

Mount Batur trekking

Adventure is one hobby that is very loved by the majority of people around the world, various sorts of adventures that we can do in this world, there are adventure Hiking, Biking, Camping, and There are also ATV Ride. in this case I Oky Bali Trekking will take you to those who like adventure or challenge to test your Adrenaline who was on holiday in Bali. Oky Bali Trekking will invite you to do the adventure or challenge, particularly in Caldera Batur.Karena this place is very potential to do it. there are some that can we do in this area. This area is located on a mountain in Bali that is very famous all over the world. precisely this area is located in Songan village, Kintamani District and Bangli. Approximately 65 km from Denpasar, 2 hours of riding motorcycles or cars we will get to the place we want. as we know that this area is airy with views of Mount Batur towering frequency. with an altitude of 1717m above the surface of the sea. additionally also the lake Batur is so beautiful, mountain Abang, Gunung Agung and many  more. As for the few adventures that we can do in this area is like: Climb Mount Batur. Mountain biking, ATV and Dirt Bike Riding.


Gallery Of Mount Batur Adventures