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Several Places that Hits In Bangli 

N’Jung Bali Camp


N’Jung Bali camp

Camping is one of the adventure  activities,  or a nature lover. There are lot of people really loved with this Activities in every country in the world, this activity is usually conducted in the open air, one of them on the shore of the lake, we are Bali camping provides the amazing to do this activity, located in the coastal areas of the largest lake in Bali, namely lake Batur, the place is very attractive with views of the lake and Mount Batur. In this place we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and also can surrounded the caldera batur.  exploring Lake Batur and visit the fish farms around the funds. located on the western shore of the lake Batur and Batur caldera occupants who stay around the place. to reach this place we have to go through the derivative of Penelokan with a motorbike or a car, approximately 40 minutes we will arrived at the place we wanted, after staying in this place, approximately 3:30 morning we headed for the most famous climb in Bali is to  Mount Batur Clambing site, With a height of 1717m above sea level,  about  2 hours from the start point then we got to the top of the Volcano. with sunrise view is very beautiful. While waiting for the sun to appear in the east, we can enjoy dishes such as a simple morning meal that has been prepared by the mountain climbing guides.

Pulak Camping Ground

If you are bored with the sights that only you visit while on the island of Bali, let’s try to visit new tourist attractions, which are developed in the area of Bangli

there are a few new  Interesting places  for you visit during a vacation on the island of Bali. In this case  oky Bali trekking will try to give an idea to make your holidays more interesting and memorable

Pulak Camping Ground

Pulak is one of the attractions Recently we developed in the area and the village of Kintamani In general, Songan In particular. located in the eastern edge of Lake Batur, Bali’s largest lake. This place is interesting because with a view of the lake and Caldera Batur  very beautiful. Approximately 2 hours from Denpasar city and 1 hour from Ubud we get to where we can look to our traditional boat riding, so that we can get in a place where we were looking for. because there is no road access  connecting to the place where we can do the campsite. with up traditional boat, 20 minutes i, while enjoying views of the estates of local people and fish farmers without realizing it we’ve got this place, which we can do some activities  already provided by local people.  around  5 am we can do morning hike to see the most beautiful Bali view, we will be at the sunrise point at 5:45 am


Anjungan Tukad Melangit


The Banjar of natugan, jehem Village and Subdistrict of Tembuku Currently becoming trending topic by the people hwo like to find out the tourism object especially in Bali. The Banjar Antugan, jehem Village , Sub – district and Regency of Bangli Named Anjungan Tukad malangit. The Beauty of Green Kenyon as a Back ground usually used for Photo Selfie  by the young people. this place is really easy to find out, you just follow the road from Bangli Regency to get to tebbuku Sub Distrct, a long the way that you will see the inter section at Jehem, you just take the left way . approximately 3 KM. at antugan you will see the sign board  or direction, just 50 m from the sign board in your laf hand.

Bali Spiritual Tour – Tirta Sudamala


Bali Tekking

Tirta Sudamala is Located at Banjar Sedit, Bebalang Village it is hunted by the hindus religion from Many place is Bali. It is not only used for purifacton caremany, it lso used for natural terafy beacuse the hindus religion believe that to purifie our selves. There are a lot of people from differeces palces aound Bali comes to do spiritual ceremany. And the most people that come to this place is in the ceremany of Banyupinruh, because in this time that call purivacation day.

The Holy water that believe to can clean negative Magic. Tirta Sudamala or Holiwater of sudamala is visited by a thousand of people from several places around Bangli regency


According to the watch list in the field that during the full moon tens cars are park a long the way to the Tirta Sudamala. Not discourage of them to come in to tirta sudamala. There are not only for the adult people it also children and old people. They are  willing jostling to feel the cold water shower that has a height of about 6 meters.

One of the came from pemogan denpasar said that he was curious because he only heard that from his friends. During the banyupinaruh day  he was come and full moon day as well with his family to have Purification ceremony.

And the other people also said that from Klungkung regency, he is routine to do Purification ceremony on Banyupinaruh in this palce. To ovoid the justling with the people they come early morning because the know that will  alot of people come on that time. The kelihan Adat of this village aid that a thousands of people comes during banyupinaru and Full moon.

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