Mt.agung is one of the hights in bali It is located at Karangasem regency and in the east of Bali, around 56km from Denpasar city, the most active volcano in

Bali, around 3.142 m on the sea level, after erupted in 1963 the altitude of this volcano becoming 2.920m from sea level. The type of the volcano is monoconic it has bees sleeping around 120 years . during the historical life it has been 4 time erupted , there was 1808, 1821, 1843 and 1963, a lot of properties destoy and many people dead

Meeting Point

Hotel Lobby

Pick time Via Besakih

21:00 arrive at starting point at 23:00

23:10 Start to trek

06:00 arrive at the top of the volcano

06:00 enjoy the most Beautiful Caldera site and Sunrise

07:00 Leave The peak of Agung Volcano

12:00 arrive back at the Parking area

14:00 Back to the hotel

Rate : USD $ 110/ Person

Minimum 2 Person

Via Pasar Agung

Pick up at

12:00 Two and half Hours driver to stat point at Pasar Agung

02:30 start to trek

06:00 arrive at Sunrise Point

07:00 leave the peak of the Volcano

10:20 arrive at the parking area

14:00 arrive the Hotel

Rate :USD $ / Person

Minimum 2 person