Waterfalls in Bali – The complete information about the Bali Waterfalls

The Sekumpul Waterfall The sekumpul waterfall  also call the Gerobong waterfall, it is 90 m highfro the river, sekumpul mean that the group of, because 7 waterfall that we can see in this waterfall. It is located at Sekumpul village and lemukih village , this waterfall is come from two deference source , one come

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Several new Places Hits in Bangli | N’Jung Bali Camp | Pulak Camping Ground

Several Places that Hits In Bangli  N’Jung Bali Camp N’Jung Bali camp Camping is one of the adventure  activities,  or a nature lover. There are lot of people really loved with this Activities in every country in the world, this activity is usually conducted in the open air, one of them on the shore of

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Mount Batur Adventures

Kintamani is the most Favorite tourist Destination in Bali. it is located at Kintamani Subdistrict  and Regency of Bangli. it is surrounded by captivating nature, and there are six ancient villages that we can find out such as  Songan, Terunyan Kedisan, Batur, Sukawana, Batur Mount Batur is Located in this place it self. it has

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The Caldera Batur Geopark

Caldera Batur Geopark Site Bali is an island that located in Indonesia, between Java and Lombok island. very small island only have 5.780 k square divided in 8 regency and one Municipality, the Regencies are Badung, Tabanan, Jembrana, Buleleng, Karangasem, Klungkung, Bangli and Gianyar regencies. in this case i would like to share about Caldera

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